Journey to Race Night

Canary Wharf, London

  1. Your Strategy

    What is your strategy? Win? Team building? To enjoy a great night of racing and networking? Or simply to challenge your colleagues to enter the unknown, push boundaries and see what can be achieved?

    Whatever your strategy, you have an adrenaline-filled, premium race day experience awaiting you. 

  1. Your Team

    Recruit your team but don’t just look to the company “cyclists”. This is not an endurance cycling event. This is an intense, highly tactical race in which the fastest and most cohesive team takes the glory.

    A powerful, explosive start is essential. The first lead-out rider needs power - fast-twitch muscles over endurance. Are you more of a rubgy forward or weightlifter than an endurance athlete? More accomplished cyclists with speed and staying power may be best placed for the final four positions. Whatever your team selection, each member (and any appointed support crew) have essential roles to deliver come race day. 

  2. Performance Pathway

    Designed to support teams from sign-up to racing as a unit on race night, you’re supported throughout with the Performance Pathway. You’ll have access to content  from top professional coaches and performance professionals. Through training, advice and the right strategy we’ll help you achieve your ultimate team performance. The team will outperform the individual.  

    Videos analysis, blogs and features will help guide you and your team to success.

  1. Training Days

    Meet and train with Britain’s top coaches, helping you to realise your team’s full potential.  Learn how to execute a perfect standing start, cornering and riding in formation. Learn about and execute some of the critical non-essentials that have helped British Cycling to stunning Olympic cycling success.

    Evening seminarss are hosted in Canary Wharf to help prepare you and your team for race day.  Seminars include physical preparation, injury prevention and nutrition.

  2. Bespoke Training

    A full range of bespoke training opportunities are available to all teams. These range from individual coaching, training plans, remote support to full training days. Please get in contact for more information and to arrange your bespoke training.